(Video) This Cougar Attack Came Out of Nowhere. Where it Took Place? I Wasn’t Expecting This!

cougar attack

Mostly everyone has feared predators in the food chain for a long, long time. We're afraid of these animals not only due to their competition for food, but because we don't want to get knocked down a few notches.

After all, some of the threatening predators in the world include cheetahs, leopards, lions, jaguars, and more. Just thinking about these creatures sends chills down a person's spine, especially those of us who have encountered one. Think about it — while we sleep in the wild the cats know where we are.

Specifically, in North America, we have a few big cats to keep away. This cat is known as the mountain lion, and it is a terrifying and stealthy creature.

Attacks by a mountain lion are rare, but they can still occur, and when something like this takes place usually a person doesn't have a lot of warning.

Matter of fact, when a person encountered not only one — but two mountain lions in his path he knew something was up. After that, it was only a matter of time before these wild animals made their intentions known. 

After the break, watch one man's crazy experience with two wild cats and see what happens on the video. 

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