(Video) This Bushcraft Shelter is Truly One of a Kind. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!



There are not many of us who do not have dreams of owning their own parcel of land, out in the wilderness. It’s somewhere we can build a bug-out home, a shelter away from the maddening crowds and chaos of a SHTF scenario, when the time comes.

Sadly, not everyone can afford such pieces of land but for those who do, all it takes is ambition, the know-how, and some serious cash. Not necessarily in that order. Happily, you can build your shelter in the woods and you will be the master of your homestead!

Actually, it does not have to cost a lot of money to build that shelter. Ambition, yes. But, if you are careful, you might be surprised what you can build from nature.

We in the west have nothing on the Germans when it comes to bushcraft and building earth homes.

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  1. Michael Luther said:

    Im all for bushcraft, all these people doing all this just for demo purposes are stupid for cutting trees down. I see a bunch of post of people cutting trees down just to make a how to video. I’m willing to bet that the land their doing it on isn’t even their land. If your in a survival situation ok, but to do it for no other reason is not ok.

  2. Nick Graveline said:

    True. This lil hut would be the shelter you live in until you build another w/ more room. Then this becomes the shed/food storage room.