(Video) This Bushcraft Camp is Truly Unbelievable. I Still Can’t Believe My Eyes!

bushcraft camp

Cold weather survival is often associated with a dire scenario and unwilling participants.

The reasons are obvious: Cold presents numerous dangers, from frostbite to hypothermia to freezing to death – and almost no one likes to put themselves in a situation where spending the night in a cold environment is a reality.

While you cannot control the “survival element” of your situation – stuff happens when it happens – you can prepare yourself with the right skills and equipment to make a survival scenario livable and once you get good, even enjoyable!

The key is knowing what you are doing and how to use your situation to your advantage.

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  1. George Kolankowski said:

    I like the mylar idea reflecting the heat back from the fire , and it seems they used bunjii cords , in this smart construction , inside the tarp . Nice .

  2. Gene Rappleyea said:

    Dont impress me. Want impressed. Check out my buddy Mike at MCQbushcraft on youtube.

  3. Donald Tansill said:

    Once you start watching Joe and Shawn, you’re hooked for life. Very addictive

  4. Anonymous said:

    He impressed me enough not to have to check out your buddy but hey great negative comment.

  5. Barbara Wenke said:

    Nice set up Joe just add a plate, pup food dish, toothpaste/brush and soap to your go to items.

  6. Shannon Flory said:

    Looks like my camp lol nice! Most effective set up I have found in my 30 years of practice