(VIDEO) This Bug Out Bag is PERFECT – Now I’m Going to Have to Redo Mine to Match the Contents in His Bag!

Joe Teti's bug out bag

Constantly on the lookout for more ideas for their bug out bags, survivalists and preppers really like to watch videos of other survivalists and preppers. More specifically, we all want to know what everyone else is packing in their bug out bags.

If the world were to end today, we'd like to think that we could live on thanks to our ingenuity and our thorough preparation for all circumstances that could lead to the end of the world.

Packing an excellent bug out bag not only adds to our supply rations but it also greatly builds our morale so that we feel we can accomplish pretty much anything.

Joe Teti is a noted survival expert, and following what he does is likely going to go a long way towards improving our own survival goals.

If you want to know what Joe Teti packs in his bug out bag, you'll want to watch the video on the next page.

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  1. Monique Marie said:

    Too bad you support a VALOR THIEF who FORGED Two Combat Dive Diplomas.

  2. Monique Marie said:

    Joe teti is a VALOR THIEF who got Fired from Dual Survival for killing donestic animals while filming (not saving other animals), and threatening the crew.

  3. Johnny Walker said:

    Some things to consider in here for sure. GPS with some batteries is something I hadn’t thought of but I do have a burner with minutes in mine.

  4. Joseph Walker said:

    I’ve never seen a body warmer, but a case of those and a blowup doll and and I might stay lost a while.

  5. Joseph Walker said:

    I’ve never seen a body warmer, but a case of those and a blowup doll and and I might stay lost a while.

  6. Dave Reed said:

    I go a little simpler but my AO is easier to survive in

  7. Johnny Walker said:

    Dave, yeah I try to keep it fairly simple myself. I find myself getting a bit gearfaggy and have to purge now and then.

  8. Yuben Yurkenohf said:

    Trying to lighten up my bag .
    So I did a mock bug out recently to see what I could do without.
    It’s hard to part with some stuff because in the back of your mind you think but what if .
    And when your thinking about what if it’s an extended bug out . Argh
    Well after that trip and putting my bag on a diet I only shaved off five lbs .
    Still almost 40lbs and I’m opting for smaller and lighter gear but $$$$$.

  9. Scott N Rachelle said:

    Nothing makes your bag perfect like using it. Make practice runs with your bag and you’ll know pretty quick if it’s a good one or not 🙂

  10. Quentin John Saville said:

    There seem to be some ideas worth considering. He’s very light on food, no cooking gear, light on water, no filtration either. No cord mentioned to sling the tarp. The bolt cutters are interesting but heavy.
    No real wound treatment kit though his drugs list has some good points. Flex cuffs? Cable times have more utility though they’re not suitable for restraint.
    The bag is good. Small, which forces one to prioritorise, easy to wear and move in.
    Some good ideas. Hardly perfect though.
    PS. Why do several people call him a fraud? One Lady said he’d faked Combat Dive quals.
    What’s it all about please.

  11. Micky Ware said:

    His bag needs a makeover. 5 hr energy is not for survival, maybe dehydration. 6 other items should be replaced too. This bag isn’t perfect,

  12. Robert LaRusic said:

    Are you kidding me!? Try showing Joe Teti some respect before shooting off boy.

  13. Kyle Anderson said:

    Although Joe is a total tool im sure he packed a pretty good bag. Im not going to watch the video, but only because ive already got mine packed

  14. Ken Gibbs said:

    I wonder if it was taken from a storage unit …. If you read about the situation what took place years ago but if it happened I don’t know but it sounded crazy

  15. Matt Dillan said:

    That looks like a good survival bag that will keep you comfy on a camping trip that goes awry. The only ones that will survive are the people that have been cultivating there food crops for years. In secrecy.

  16. Bobby Mullenix said:

    Had me until seeing this idiot! Does it come with a “Joe Teti” tree urinal so a person can catch his piss to drink, not because they have to but because they insist. BRING BACK CODY & DAVE

  17. Stephen Carter said:

    The picture shows joe teti. He is a liar and never served in the special forces or any other special group but claims he cannot disclose it or he will go to prison… I would not take any advice from him as he has gotten people killed