(Video) They Live in a Canvas Tent and Stay Warm During the Winter Using an Excellent Technique That Works for Many!


Who says you have to wait until the warm summer months to enjoy the camp lifestyle. Take inspiration from one of our favorite vloggers UPNORTHOF60 and one of his adventures by the lake.

This video shows you that it's the simple things in life that make us happiest. All you need is a large canvas tent, a woodstove with a fire, and amazing scenery. This video shows you how to prepare a woodstove, grill T-bone steaks over the stove, and more.

If you're thinking about making the trek out to the woods this winter you won't want to miss this fun and informative video. Check it out on the next page.

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  1. Larry Long said:

    They do not live in the canvas tent, this guys channel on YouTube is named UPNORTHOF60 they set the tent up in the winter time and camp out sometimes. It’s a great channel

  2. Edward Caron said:

    thanks im going to check out his channel now cheers from Mission BC

  3. James Robert Ritz said:

    It’s not hard to stay warm in a tent if you have thick blankets for your ceiling and walls and floor and a small wood heater and you are very toastie

  4. Christian Anhalt said:

    Next objekt left of me?
    A female friend of mine.
    I don’t use her as a weapon. I’ll use her as bait. I’m running faster anyway…..