(Video) They Explore a Log Cabin Hidden Deep in the Woods. Not a House Can be Seen or a Car Can be Heard for Miles…

log cabin

If you live near the woods or are visiting a heavily wooded area, you might be tempted to explore around and see if you find anything good. Oftentimes, there isn't much that the woods are hiding but there are exceptions.

Once brave explorer finds an abandoned log cabin in the woods. What does he decide to do? He goes in and explores the entire place.

It might seem scary, and exercising caution is always a good idea, but the treasures he found were amazing.

You'll definitely get a glimpse of this well-built cabin and how the old inhabitant might have enjoyed their off-grid life.

Watch and see how one explorer examines a hidden cabin in the woods on the video on the next page.

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  1. Nancy Bly said:


  2. Ivana Templeton said:

    Looks like it would be a beautiful place if it wasn’t trashed. Can’t imagine why someone would do that.

  3. Matt S. Wade said:

    Can ya’ll please do something about the constant pop up I get when I open a FB post from DieHardSurvivor? Everyone of your posts have 1 if not 2 pop ups making me go back to FB and click the link again. I love reading your articles and think y’all post a lot of good info and things to think about but please fix this this pop up issue somehow, it makes me pass over some articles I would normally read.

  4. Fred Cadet said:

    If you use firefox, chrome, or opera, just use the adblock plus addon.

  5. Craig McMahan said:

    Everytime I click on one of your stories I amazingly win something free! Next time I will unfollow. Very annoying.

  6. Cindy Anderson said:

    I agree! Or where Sharon lives, people have dismantled little old cabins out in the desert. I’m glad Harry Disney saved and remodeled gramps’ cabin in Libby.

  7. Laura Brown said:

    Beautiful location, I’d love to buy it and bring it back to life. Lots of work but the reward would be worth it. It practically screams to have some grapevines and an arbor.

  8. Kyle Gunn said:

    I really like your creative articles. Its very interesting stuff.