(Video) They Camped Out in a Winter Super Shelter. How it Looks? I Didn’t Expect This!


Any weekend warrior will tell you they like to get out, hike and camp because it allows them to get back to nature and stretch their survival skills. Also, despite the chopping of wood, fishing, and fire building, it’s truly relaxing to sit outside, during the evening, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a world without traffic noise!

This idea really works well during the spring and summer but when you get into the colder months there is something else to consider. How do you camp out for a night and not freeze your butt off!?

If you are like the outdoorsman over on the net page you build a “super shelter”. It takes in a lot of things we know but also manages to keep the camper nice and toasty warm during the night!

From the looks of it and how he describes what he has done, it is not an overly complicated project. We strongly suggest you check it out and be amazed!

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  1. David Black said:

    Ron Vandever watch the video on the second page. we could rig something like this for the hammocks!