(Video) These Essential Bushcraft Survival Items Will Aid You in Surviving When the Grid Goes Down

items for survival

You may be packing your bug out bag or general survival kit right now. Perhaps you already have one packed and are considering a remodel. As a minimum, you'll want to make sure you have these absolute essentials covered. Watch the video below to learn what they are.

Being able to signal for help with a flashlight or whistle is essential, even if you are planning on being in a bug out in which you don't want to get the attention of others. Even then, you may get hurt and have to rely on others for help; not having a way to get their attention will absolutely get you killed.

While you may be thinking you can survive with just a ferro rod and a knife, don't forget a map and compass, because when you eventually start to starve to death or get too cold, you'll want to be able to find someone who is actually prepared.

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