(VIDEO) These Epic DIY Storm Matches Could Save Your Life. Check Them Out and See What We Mean.

diy storm match

It does not matter if you are genuinely bugging out, taking a weekend camping trip, or simply having a camp-out in the backyard – you need a flame. There are many ways to make a good fire but if you find yourself in a situation where you need that blaze but the weather is not cooperating, you will need a bit more “Oomph” to your fire!

Brought to us by The Crazy Russian Hackers, the video on the next page is sincerely awesome; making much-needed items out of everyday ordinary and very simple supplies! In this case creating storm matches in a very clever and easy way!

These are matches you will definitely want in your bug-out bag or backpack. When the weather goes bad, you will still be basking in the glow on a well-insulated match!

Find out how to create storm matches that you will need when SHTF after the break!

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