(VIDEO) These Clever Uses for Pine Cones and Pine Needles Will Amaze You…

using pine cones and pine needles

The pine tree is one of the most useful resources to the survivor, and not just because of the highly edible squirrels that can often be found running around its branches.

The thick resin that leaks from its wounds has about a hundred uses, and the branches themselves make for an excellent heat-retaining and waterproofing cover for your primitive shelter.

If you have a pine tree with long and thin needles, such as a white or red pine, they also come in very handy as a comfortable sleeping cushion.

The uses for pine trees don't stop there.

The tree's needles and pine cones also serve nutritional purposes, as well as a highly effective fire starter.

Check out the video on the next page to see how to make use of this life-saving plant.

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