(Video) The Top 10 Countries That Would Undoubtedly be a Safe Haven if WW3 Breaks Out

At one time or another, we have all wondered where we will be when “the big one” hits. Of course, as preppers and survivalists, we would like to think we can cope but, let’s face it if World War III breaks out and the bombs start to fly many of us will be beyond thinking about where our next meal is coming from, no matter how much training we partake in.

Granted, if we manage to get into our bug-out shelters or bomb shelters we may be in a better position than most. However, we do have to ask ourselves where, if it were possible, would be the safest and bests places to live should another world war break out?

We have a few ideas but the video over on the next page tells us, in their opinion, where you might want to live should the idea of struggling through a nuclear winter appears an unhappy prospect for you and the people you love. “Move?,” you may ask. Can we really do that? It is always good to leave your prospects open.

For those who have been considering it or are merely curious, go over to the next page and take a look! You never know and, despite your loyalty to the land you love, there is no harm in taking that patriotism off into a foreign land and planting the stars and stripes in your new front yard!

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