(Video) The Thing That May Kill a Prepper First is Shocking…


We prepare for everything, knowing there will be trials and tribulations once the SHTF, so we have protection for everything from the freezing cold to that squirrely guy down the street that seems far too interested in his neighbor’s knife collection.

However, there may be some things we are not considering when it comes to safety and security.

Think about you and your family’s health. Are you stocked up on all the right medications? Do you know how to make medication from natural resources should you run out of pain relievers?

After the break, go over to the next page and watch an interesting video from The Patriot Nurse on the one thing that may kill a prepper before any other grid-gone-down situation!

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  1. Wesly Virgina said:

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  2. Joe Day said:

    I’ll save you the read.Lack of medicines/medicinal knowledge

  3. Steven Hyde said:

    She is good, but it would be much better if she just “got to the point of what the one thing that may harm a prepper” as the article title states. I shut it off after a few minutes because she was all over the place and I wanted to know the “one thing”!