(Video) The Proper Steps to Take When Dealing With Black Bears Out in the Wild

black bear

It is always on our minds when we are camping out. We do not suspect it will happen, we guard against it, but we know they are out there. Wild animals.

Their potential to harm us varies. You probably would not find an attack by a bird to be as dire as a wolf bite but the point is we are in danger every time we go out into the woods and try to live with nature. After all, animals fight each other so why wouldn’t they try to assert dominance over an odd creature, one who is tall and looks something like a mutant ape?

With the possible exception of a wild cat, there is nothing more worrisome in the wilderness than a bear. Black bears are huge and can be vicious, particularly if they think they are being threatened. This alarm is way up there in spring when a female has her cubs with her. Keep that in mind as you hike a walking path.

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