(Video) The Largest Spider in the World Is Unlike Anything a Person Has Ever Seen…


Moving some logs around the bug out property and feeling twinges of fear every time you grip a new log? That's just a part of the life for those of us who decide to embark on the rollercoaster life of a prepper/survivalist.

What are we afraid of?

Well, a lot of things, hence the prepping, but when we're moving logs around on our property, we are pretty much thinking of only one thing: spiders.

Here in the states, we're specifically thinking of brown recluses and black widows. And for good reason; those buggers can pack a wallop and do a lot of damage.

However, our friends down under have a much more frightening spider to deal with, and it's so large, it could eat a brown recluse for breakfast, and then pick its teeth with a black widow. Check out this behemoth on the video on the next page.

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  1. David John Karmouche said:

    huntsman was found in brisbane a couple of weeks ago measuring 25cm. if anything its the smaller things that will kill you like this$#%&!@* the funnelweb.