[VIDEO] The Gray Man Concept of Blending Into Your Surroundings

Sometimes the smartest survival skills you can possess are knowing what not to do or in this case, what not to wear.

In a civil emergency, survival situation or SHTF moment, not sticking out or blending into your surroundings is almost as important as any other skills you have.

Civil authorities and desperate, unprepared people or even those who just have ill intent will look for those who clearly are prepared for the crisis or have materials, supplies, equipment and tools to make it through.

Even people you would normally trust can pose a danger if the situation is dire enough, which means not giving away how prepared you are is a smart tactic.

The more you blend in the better your chances of not being noticed and the greater the chances you will not be harassed.

The video on the next page covers The Gray Man Concept and how to blend into a crowd.


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