(VIDEO) The ‘Fat Guys’ Host Takes Out a Piece of Rope. How He Utilizes a ‘Jam Knot’? — Brilliant!

jam knot

Knots have never been a forte of mine and I suspect I'm not alone. Usually, I just rely on a few simple knots like a slipknot and a granny knot to get the job done. Usually, this works, too.

Sometimes, though, even the tightest, most carefully bound lashing can be undone simply because the incorrect knot was used. This is important. The reason there are so many different types of knots is because each knot is designed for a different purpose. It's sort of like using a spoon to cut your steak. Sure, it'll work and eventually you'll get through the meat, but a steak knife would make supper a whole heckuva lot easier.

The same goes with knots. When you are lashing together a bed or a shelter, using something called a “jam knot” will hold it together a lot better than a square knot and some hasty prayers.

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    Have to get a knot book – for I forgot some since being in the Girl Scouts long ago.

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