(Video) The Dangers of Stockpiling Spam We All Should be Aware Of


Did you know that not all canned goods are safe to keep for the long haul? It's true. There are some foods that should never be kept in your stockpile forever.

One of those canned foods is spam! Did you know that storing Spam could actually be a danger to your health? In today's video, one survivalist shows us why it's not the best idea to stock up on loads of Spam for a disaster.

You might find it hard to believe after hearing such good things about Spam but this will change everything. If you want to keep a healthy and long-lasting stockpile, watch this video!

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  1. Tnek Nuah said:

    We had spam that was canned backed before the Vietnam war. Seemed to be ok Back then. Lol

  2. David Spradlin said:

    Did you watch your own video? The Spam (which is 100% ham with no fillers) was fine and recommended. It was the Wal-Mart brand Spam substitute that had bad cans and went bad. Your headline is wrong and misleading.

  3. Scott A Meyer said:

    I carry span lite singles in my bug out pack, they work great and people that say they would never eat spam , trust me after a 20 mile hike it taste great

  4. Jeff Gallup said:

    Spam contains all 3 alpha male food groups..salt, fat and protein.

  5. Scott Terry said:

    You should only stock pile stuff you use regularly and you are replacing stuff you use up.

  6. Chuck Boerema said:

    Spam has been a stockpile staple for longer then the guy who wrote this has been alive do (Not) believe everything you read on the internet do your own research you’ll be much better off and if all else fails call the company and they will tell you just how long it will keep.

  7. Steven F. Scharff said:

    Hormelakes a turkey based Spam, and threre are a number of manufacturers who produce a Halal (Muslim dietary complaint) style product made of chicken.

  8. Bryan Adams said:

    So just like anything else, if it’s exposed to the air, it goes bad.

  9. Ivah Onstott said:

    You’re not suppose to keep it for years. You should only buy foods your family eats and than rotate the stock.