(Video) The Awe-Inspiring Reason We All Need to Start Cleaning Our Home With Bread


The basis of this hack is pretty sound. We don’t like to think about it but most fresh bread really does have a rubbery consistency. Yet it is also pliant, an odd combination that makes for a terrific hack and a nice sandwich.

We remember our brother, way back when we were both in high school, learning that many offices with typewriters – You remember typewriters don’t you? Yes, we are dating ourselves – would use Wonder Bread©, rolled up into a small ball, to clean their keys!

Anyway, because we hack here we found the video on the next page interesting. If bread can pick up dirt on a typewriter then it could probably pick up glass shards too, right?

Our host on page two’s video decided to experiment with this theory when he accidentally broke a wine glass. It’s all over his kitchen floor and he really has to be careful where he steps – but luckily bread is nearby. Or is it lucky?

After the break go take a look at this informative and very funny video that shows why we should or should not clean our home with bread!

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