(VIDEO) The A to Z of Bushcrafting Skills You NEED to Survive


Bushcraft has become a catch-all term for just about anything related to camping, wilderness survival, survival situations and anything else that pulls you out of your normal routine and puts you in an environment where you have to “rough-it.”

It is not uncommon to see “bushcrafters” outfitted from head to toe with all sorts of equipment and state of the art gadgets that allow them to navigate, shelter, eat and survive with ease.

In reality, bushcraft is about making do in the wild with the least amount of equipment necessary. It is about being able to make do with a lot less, regardless of environment and being able to do so with relative comfort.

That is not to say there is anything wrong with having all the latest gadgets, but the more gadgets you have to make things easier, the less equipped for true bushcrafter you are.

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