(Video) The 5 Tool Rule: What a Person MUST Always Have at a Minimum

5 tool rule

In a survival situation in a perfect world, you would have every tool you could conceivably need ready and waiting.

But we are talking about a survival situation, which throws the perfect world scenario out the window.

It also means that you likely do not have all the tools you will need and will have to make do.

In fact, unless you have amassed a huge stockpile of tools, it is impossible to have the exact tool you need for every situation you may encounter.

There are, though, five tools you should have whether you are homesteading or facing a survival scenario.

These tools must be well maintained and you must treat them as if your life depended on them – because it might.

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  1. Steven Hyde said:

    Yeah, he may have knowledge, but why is the intro to this type of video so darn long!!!
    Just tell us about the minimum tools, we aren’t here to listen about your last video or stories as a lead in!
    Just get to the point please!!