(Video) The 10 Dumbest Ways to Die a Person Must Avoid


Death is a highly emotional experience and in some cases a tragic experience. It's sadder for the survivors than those who are deceased. After all, after you're gone, all of your troubles are over for the most part.

So don't put your family through the possibility of losing you over something stupid. It's best to keep yourself safe and not to die before your time.

In a survival situation, it's wise to be careful. The paradox is that it's vital also to take risks to feed people and stay safe. The best way to stay protected is — from the beginning — is not to do anything stupid!

Catastrophes take place when people do not think, jump into the situation only half knowing what they are getting into. There can be various reasons for the lapse, anything from hard liquor to a short attention space, which is why it's important to think first before doing anything that can cause death.

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