(Video) The 10 Best Survival Foods a Person Can Pick Up at a Local Supermarket Are Astounding


During our months of survival writing and learning how to seriously prep for a SHTF scenario it has been interesting reading and talking to individuals who are to prep for a SHTF scenario seriously. We love looking at their pantries, getting ideas, seeing the different foods that can be stored.

Still, there are times when we wonder if some of our friends are getting the big picture.

While we would never, being a chocolate lover, tell any prepper they should not keep a stash of Hershey Bars in a glass bottle, we wonder if that container could not be used for something a little more life sustaining, like rice, beans, or pasta.

It simply may be that some preppers, while being motivated and doing their best, do not really know what the best foods are for survival!

After the break check out the video on the next page. There you will find a no-nonsense video showing us the ten best survival foods a person can pick up at their local supermarket!

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