(Video) Survivalists Rave About This Forgotten Fire Technique


Many a prepper will tell you that the best possible fire starter you can have is a simple and nearly infallible Bic cigarette lighter. They buy them by the hundreds for all of their kits and caches. Still, many of them will also admit that you need more than one way to start a fire.

And when all other methods fall out of your reach, you may just have to rely on good old-fashioned friction fire.

But if all you know about friction fire is how to palm a spindle and how to use a fire bow, we've got some awesome news for you: there are far more ingenious ways.

Long before the lighter, match or even the flint and steel were invented, humans have been relying on friction fire as their sole method of sparking a flame.

This means some absolutely genius tricks were utilized to make this happen. Learn two of the best–the cord drill and the pump drill–on the video on the next page.

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  1. Scott Rickard said:

    I dont know who this guy is but I sure do enjoy watching him and what he does.

  2. Tommy Rod said:

    I didn’t watch this video, but the guy in the picture has a youtube channel called Primitive Technology. I highly recommend it.
    This guy can do some neat stuff with no modern tools at all.

  3. Brian Collins said:

    I believe this guy is in Australia. Absolutely love his website and videos. Very impressive

  4. Brian Collins said:

    I believe this guy is in Australia. His website is great and has lots of other videos to watch. He is very skillful and knowledgeable. He just does it for hobby but this guy would have no trouble surviving anywhere. Very impressive

  5. Mike Lemmon said:

    Pretty nifty! I think I’m going to stick with my flint and steel!

  6. Steven LaRose said:

    Yes he does and I too recommend it … he doesn’t speak at all he just shows you how things were done with no modern tools

  7. Fred-Tracy Easton said:

    This guybis the best survival guy in youtube and his channel is called primitive technology and i hope he keeps making more vids. His videos are the best cause theyre staight to the point well filmed and most importantly theres no aimless droning irrellevant stupid talking ….only showing. If he does talk though he should ecplain the sand clay ratios in his clay objects snd house.

  8. Tarah Wolf said:

    I like this guy! You’d definitely want this guy in your camp!

  9. Mike Kelly said:

    That dude is legit. He walks into the woods with nothing and builds a whole house, including clay tiles for the roof. I love watching his videos.