(VIDEO) Survival Uses for Zip Ties That Will Blow Your Mind

zip tie uses

Zip ties certainly have their uses, but many people underestimate this common household tool.

Often relegated to the dull world of emergency car repair (holding something in place that doesn't want to sit still, like a hose) or slowly making their way to the bottom of a tool box, zip ties are in fact one of the most useful resources you can stock up on for a survival situation or a bug out bag.

They can be used for building shelters and constructing traps. Like duct tape, they are an excellent solution to not having enough cordage, binding things together in the wind and the rain. With enough ingenuity, zip ties could easily save your life.

Take a look at some of the best uses for this excellent survival item in the video on the next page.

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  1. Steve Rogers said:

    Go to your local hvac store and buy some four foot zip ties, or three foot ones, make loops with them, if needed to protect yourself they make good handcuffs or if needed sneak up on someone in a shtf situation put it around their head quickly and give it a good pull, fight over you win