(Video) Survival Lilly Shows Us How to Open a Coconut Without Using Tools

coconut hack

While tools are incredibly helpful and make life easier, you don't always need them. How can that be true? You might ask that right away but we've got the answer for you.

If you're ever bugging out in a tropical surrounding and find a coconut, you'll be pleased to find out that you can open one without using tools!

This neat trick is brought to you by Survival Lilly as she shows us this incredibly useful hack. You'll be very impressed to see that she uses her own strength to open this coconut.

We could all learn a few things from her!

Watch and learn how this survival expert opens up a coconut without using any tools on the next page!

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  1. Rod Coulon said:

    As pale as she is I’m assuming that’s the first time she has ever been outside

  2. Dan Morris said:

    Cud dress more appropriate. Women want respect but still want u to look ???