(Video) Survival Lilly Shows Us How to Make an Incredible Shelter. She Never Ceases to Amaze Us!


You don't need to lug around a heavy tent backpack on your next hiking or camping trip. All you need is a few good trees, spruce needles, and a large piece of tarp to create a makeshift shelter that will protect you from the elements of nature including rain. Watch this video after the break featuring Survival Lilly to learn how to make it happen.

First, it's important to identify a spruce tree, and it's needles. These trees are a type of evergreen that typically grows in cold northern climates. It differs from fir or pine needles as spruce needles are individually connected to branches.

Furthermore, spruce needles are not clustered like pine needles, nor are they flat like fir needles. Spruce tree branches usually have more volume and have a more upturned shape.

What makes the spruce tree so special? The needles are great for providing insulation from the cold ground.

As you will see in the video, it's a good idea to pile as many branches as you can on the ground, then sit or lounge on the pile to test out comfort and warmth levels.

You will be amazed by the makeshift shelters you can create using only natural supplies. Check out the video on the next page to watch Lilly show you how.

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  1. Jay Martin said:

    What I really liked about this shelter is the ease in putting it up. There are times you don’t want to spend a day or two rounding up materials for a shelter. This one you can rock out in no time at all. Having a tarp makes it warmer, quicker to build, and takes up minimal space in a backpack. However, I favor green to blend in better.

  2. Don Jones said:

    Very nice, simple is always the way to go unless you are going to stay for a while. I enjoy your videos, keep um coming.

  3. Mick Spillane said:

    here was my shelter, this past firday night, i used a army issue goose down sleeping bag, mummy style, and a wool blanket and a tarp to sleep, overnight low of i think 10 degrees farenicht, i was toasty warm in the bag, though if left unzipped partway, the cold would come in,,it was a workout and a to do list for next time, though, i dont think i will be intentionally doing a winter night camp again, intentionally,,tstt, i thought to make a ‘movie’, but, havent learned editting yet, so here is a photo