(VIDEO) Survival Lilly Shows Us Her Custom Made Hatchet. When You See How She Made It? This is Insane!


Survival Lilly, a prepper who enjoys anything that has to do with the wilderness, has many videos showing us everything from creating your own bug-out space to lighting fires in many unique and interesting ways. However, we really love it when she shows us survival tools and in the video on the next page we learn about hatchets!

Not just any hatchets but a new piece designed by Lilly and created by custom knife maker Jürgen Kiss! It is a beautiful piece, especially when compared to her old faithful hatchet, a tool she has used for years and, while it will always be a great back-up, does not compare to her new toy!

Alright, maybe calling a hatchet a ‘toy” is crossing a line. Trust us; a hatchet is NEVER a toy. After a break, watch her most recent and very clever video about a tool all survivalists need in their arsenal!

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