(VIDEO) Survival Items You NEED That’ll Save Your Butt During a SHTF Moment

Survival Knife

Any good survivalist pretty much has their backpack or bug-out bag ready. You have your food and supplies hiding inside, and you are ready to go.

We like to think of our friends and neighbors who might not be as ready. They might be the ones who have a pack but because they really are not into survival or have no thoughts about when the SHTF, they are unprepared for a safe evacuation.

Can’t you just see them grabbing items that might be fine for the short run but will have no true survival use a week or two down the line?

Survival Lilly has come up with five great items she considers the most important should you or anyone find yourself in the middle of an immediate bug out.

She reasons through it, tells us why she finds these items so necessary, and even tells us why she left a particular item of the list that other survivalist might definitely include!

After the break, check out five survival items you can't live without!

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