(Video) Survival Gadgets No One Will Want to Live Without…


Picking out the right survival gear can be stressful, but that's not the worst part. The worst part is having everything all picked out and purchased, thinking you've got the best gear out there when suddenly a whole bunch of brand new stuff hits the market, and now you suddenly NEED that new knife or firestarter.

Well, toy-envy is about to start up again with these new offerings from a variety of survival product designers, and we can bet that at least a few survivalists and outdoorsmen are going to be hitting the company websites at the end of this posting.

Some of these toys (well, gear, but to you, they're probably the coolest toys ever) are so well thought-out that the fact they haven't hit our shelves before this is baffling.

Check out the new stocking stuffers on the next page. Trust us, you'll want some or all of them.

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