(Video) Survival Fishing Hacks and What Should be Included in a Survival Fishing Kit!

fishing trick

In just about every survival scenario, fishing for sustenance is one of the most reliable ways of ensuring you do not starve while you work your way out of the situation or await rescue.

This is because fish live in bodies of water virtually everywhere – even in urban areas and as long as they are not toxic and you prep and cook them well, they are edible (obviously that is not a preferable scenario, but we are talking a survival situation here).

Additionally, if you do it correctly, fishing is a “low energy” survival skill – meaning you do not expend much in terms of energy as you catch dinner, something you cannot say for hunting or trapping game.

The video on the next page highlights several fishing hacks and also covers what you should include at a minimum in any survival fishing kit.

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  1. David Daniels said:

    It helps develop patience. I can fish all day and not catch anything and be happy.