(Video) Simply Spy Tricks to Try Using Household Items

spy tricks

As kids, we all wanted to play “spy” at least once. It seems so exciting and adventurous! Yet as adults, even if we really did want to become a spy, there are foreseeable problems. For one thing, unless you are Tom Cruise and have a team of professionals, being a spy will probably kill you! So no, we really do not recommend becoming a spy.

However, one day it may become important to have at least a few of the remarkable gadgets a spy might carry. Who doesn’t want to see who is following behind them and if there is a way to alarm your door, spy style, why not do it? As survivors and preppers, none of this seems so “out there.”

Therefore, on the next page, we present you with a great video that shows how you can develop some simple “spy tricks” on the cheap, using household items. No, it may not be on the level of the Impossible Missions Force but we think you can be pretty proud of your accomplishments. Go on over and take a look!

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