(Video) She Takes Out a Knife. How She Flawlessly Carves a Survival Bow? I’m Blown Away!


When it comes to a SHTF situation, you never know what you might encounter or what you might need to deal with the problem. That's why it's crucial to always be prepared and always expect the unexpected.

But what if you're caught off guard and need to make a weapon from scratch? Well, in this amazing video on the next page, a blogger named Survival Lilly does just that!

In the video, she effortlessly makes her own survival bow with just a knife and a piece of hazelnut wood. Even better, it's a hazelnut stick she just harvested herself a few minutes prior!

For this video, the challenge is to use only her knife, something that may be necessary should things go bad and that's the only thing you have access to. In just a few minutes, she's carved a perfect and effective bow that's certain to help her protect herself in case the worst case scenario arises.

To watch the video and see just how quick and easy it is to make a survival bow using only a knife and a stick of hazelnut wood, please continue to the next page.

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  1. Barbara Waters said:

    Plus you never know when you are going to forget the fishing pole holder!!