(Video) She Shows Us What’s Inside Her Travel First Aid Kit. Now Watch to See What Items I Never Expected to See…

first aid kit

Before you start packing for your next travel adventure or camping expedition, you may want to consider packing a well-stocked travel first aid kit.

This kit is ideal for unexpected emergencies for when you don't have immediate access to a pharmacy or if you're in the middle of wilderness. It's a must-have if you or someone you're traveling with gets injured or experiences an illness.

We're about to share a video from Hey Nadine and in it, she gives us a complete look at her travel first aid kit and what she keeps in the bag.

Some of the things in her bag are essential (like anti-diarrhea medicine and painkillers) while other items may be surprising. A travel first aid kit is something you'll also want to add to your bug-out bag.

If you want to find out how to make your own travel first aid kit or you want to improve the one you already have, check out the video on the next page.

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