(Video) She Shows Us How to Make a Deep Hole Fishing Trap. Just How Much This Helps With Fishing? I’m Impressed!


Some people work physically very hard for their daily meal. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there are others who use their brains to easily find food!

Think about fishing. An industrious man or woman will go out in a boat with their nets and rod and probably bring home something nice.

But that is after spending all day in the hot sun, baiting hooks, tossing those nets, and expending energy on a few fish that could probably be used wisely in another endeavor!

The video over on the next page comes out of Siem Reap, Cambodia! Watch as a young girl works to makes a deep-hole fishing trap.

It takes a little time and patience but it is worth the effort! She and the idea behind this fishing hole are quite amazing!

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  1. Alton Johnson said:

    Check it out, but first see all our adds and then click on the next page to actually see what we said you would see.

  2. Fred K Lawrence said:

    Those fish are snake head variety. They walk across dry land and that is why this trap works. You won’t catch anything using this method in North America.

  3. Ryan Smith said:

    Can be done by punching a few holes in the bottom of the bucket, weighting it with a rock and lowering it into the hole. Come back every few hours and collect your fish. Works great on a river bank or anywhere with a ride as stated above

  4. Curtis Black said:

    The day will come when the spoiled will suffer and the unfortunate will flourish. And who needs lures?

  5. James Bradley said:

    Is this trap tide based? Or is it using the slick mud and shade to guide fish into the hole during heat of the day, as most if the fish are cat fish..? If it was tides, then the hole should be filled…