(Video) She Shows Us How to Make a Deep Hole Fishing Trap. How This Helps With Fishing? Impressive!


We are not sure where Siem Reap of Cambodia learned to fish but the way she catches and brings home her fish is a great one! She is a survivalist if ever there was one!

The fact that this young woman, while “fishing,” is completely able to handle the slimy little devils and toss them into her basket is darn impressive too.

She may love wearing pink and is as feminine as the day is long, but that does not mean she is fragile or that “icky” things impede her daily chores!

After the break check out the next page and watch this industrious girl show us how to make a deep hole fishing trap.

It is not complicated but goes a long way in providing for her family or, for that matter, having something to sell at their outdoor market!

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  1. Sean Mel said:

    I’m either too stupid or too drunk to figure out how the fish end up in there with it not being connected to the river. I don’t see that many fish just randomly jumping into the hole in 6 hours. Anyone have an explanation?

  2. Mayan Luckthong said:

    Fish climb into the hole with the following things,
    You can see this trick in Indo-China.

  3. Sean Mel said:

    I’m in the US. I’ve never seen a river or tributary have a high-low enough to make this work.

  4. Sean Mel said:

    I’ll assume it’s different in Cambodia. Horseshoe baskets at river bends seem to work around here. Or rock hollows.

  5. Andrew S. Turk said:

    This is a Cambodian trick. The catfish there lay there eggs in holes, so they see the hole (or the channel made to a hole) and go for it.

  6. Mayan Luckthong said:

    I learned this method when i was 5 yrs old, It’s no need the high-low of the river, the key of this method is fish’s instinct.

  7. David Freeman said:

    It appears that her trap is on a river affected by tides. She dug the hole at low tide, covered it with branches because fish are attracted to “structure” for safety. When she returned the water level was high but falling and she collected her catch. Those of us who do not live on tidal water could construct a spiral fish weir on the edge of the stream with the opening on the upstream side. These are used in New , Brunswick catch sardines. https://www.thoughtco.com/fish-weir-ancient-fishing-tool-170925

  8. Danny Taylor said:

    Ok so how do the fish get in there? Does the lake raise and trap them? I gotta ask….

  9. Tommy Rod said:

    If it were a matter of tide then the water level in the hole would be higher.
    The only thing that makes sense is that the fish jump in the hole looking to find cover.