(Video) She Packs a Minimalist Survival Pack. Everything it Includes? Follow This and be Fully Prepared to Survive!


We have shown you many things over the months, things you should and should not pack into your bug-out bag. Granted, everything has a use at one time or another but, when you think about surviving in the wilderness, the last thing you really want is an over-weight bag on your back.

Any prepper, camper or hiker can tell you how great it is for the first mile. But eventually, as you hike along, the joy wears thin as that burdensome camping stove digs into your spine.

Really, you do not need it all. At least, not if you are merely roaming the wilderness for a comfortable weekend away from the city or work stress.

Certainly, you are going to need things, especially if you plan to stay a night or two, but why kill yourself for the thrill of the great outdoors?

Over on the next page, Survival Lilly shows us her minimal wilderness pack, all the things she carries with a smidgeon of fuss, and you may be surprised by how much she actually brings! Take a look!

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