(Video) Several Ways to Transform a Pen Into a Useful Spy Tool

spy pen gadget

Who does not like to own their very own “spy gadget”? Oh, come on! They are fun and can be very handy and useful should you ever find yourself in trouble, cornered by bullies, or simply in the mood to give an annoying workmate a zap! And no, we really cannot condone that last idea!

Even as kids, we always wanted the latest in forward-thinking “spy tools”. We always admired James Bond©, not just because he always got the girl and drove a really cool car, but because he was always given some great gadgets to foil the bad guys with! We are trying to remember if Bond ever had a bomb in a pen, or maybe that was in Get Smart© (LOL!), but we are sure there was a knife pen somewhere along the line.

Anyway, we are not going down that route but we did want to show you some ways you can transform a pen into a useful spy tool! Go over to the next page and take a look!

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