(Video) Putting Together a Throwline Fishing Kit That’s Useful for Bugging Out

fisherman with hook

Some people are fishermen. They know exactly where to go for the best of any type of fish, have a big tackle box full of lures, hooks, and other gadgets perfect for the best catch – and we applaud them. If it is what you love to do we say go for it and enjoy yourself!

However, when it comes to bugging out or for even the casual fisherman who wants to try something new, we like simplicity.

Yet, we also want to know we can put together a well-working fishing kit that really will supply us with some dinner, either when camping out for a weekend or when the SHTF and we need to catch a weeks-worth of food to live!

After the break go on over to the next page and watch a video showing you the development of an easy throw-line fishing kit that can make us all, even the less experienced fisherman, feel they have a chance at a salmon dinner, something we caught ourselves!

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