(Video) Primitive But Effective: How to Make a “Rebar Hawk” DIY Tool

rebar hawk tool

Survival situations require innovation; the longer the circumstances you are facing last, the more you will need to improvise to meet basic needs.

One need, eventually, will be to procure or produce your own tools and this will require the ability to work with metal.

Being able to work with metal – particularly re-purposing it to make tools – is a skill that few will know, which means the person that does not only can make their own tools, they also can use their skill to barter for goods and services.

This is particularly true if the situation you are facing is dire – say a complete breakdown of societal norms.

Check out the video on the next page to see some of the basics of metal working, including how to fashion a chunk of Rebar to make a Tomahawk!

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