(Video) Prepper Takes a Chain Saw to a Wood Log and What Happens Next is Hard to Believe

using chain saw on wood

Sometimes starting a fire is just not enough. If you plan to cook on it, it'll be important to include any number of tinder to get the thing not just burning but maintaining. Then there is a grill, or the stacking of stones, or… Well, you probably have your own ideas but may we suggest a Swedish Fire Log?

Some of you already know what we are talking about but there are a few out there, particularly those who know about survival living or are beginner outdoorsmen, who have never heard of the thing.

It is not just good for cooking a meal but it'll stay hot for a long time. Plus, it could potentially be a terrific warmer for the front of your tent or beside your sleeping bag at night!

Go on over to the next page and take a look at one great way to create a cool (or very hot!) Swedish Fire Log. Also, check out the tent at the beginning of the video. Nothing can be easier!

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