(VIDEO) Prepper Shows You How to Make an Apache Foot Trap. When He Shows the Final Product? Incredible!

foot trap

One of the many skills that bushcrafters like to develop is the art of setting traps. For a prepper, setting traps is often thought of as a way to protect your property, and this is an effective use for them.

For a survivalist/bushcrafter, though, setting traps is more often associated with capturing food. While the most widely used traps for this purpose are snares and spring traps, there are other–much more intimidating–trap designs available as well.

One such trap is the Apache foot trap. As its name suggests, it was originally used by Native Americans for both hunting and defense, and is pretty intimidating just to look at; it's certainly not something you'd want to get stuck in.

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  1. Cliff Wilson said:

    I discussed this with the maker we both agreed the “Bear” traps used by the Vietnamese would be more effective.

  2. Kitty Krueger said:

    Do you have any info or videos on them? Or are you referencing punji pits?

  3. Cliff Wilson said:

    They are a type of punji pit. They showcase them in Vietnam I’ll see if I can find a video for you.

  4. Kitty Krueger said:

    My husband was in Vietnam. He always suggests punji pits. The long, sharpened bamboo in trenches. Is that different from what you’re talking about?

  5. Kitty Krueger said:

    He said the stakes were coated in feces because, if you did make it out, you’d die of infection before you could get medivacced out.