(VIDEO) Post-Collapse You’re Bitten by a Black Widow Spider. Now What?!

black widow

Black widows are terrifying. No, we don't mean the Marvel superheroine (although we wouldn't want to get on her bad side, either). We mean the infamous arachnid famous for its hourglass figure (still not talking about the superheroine) and highly toxic bite.

The most likely reason many people are bitten by this spider is because they are laboring in its habitat or happen to accidently stick their hands in its nest.

When the grid goes down, many of us will find ourselves outside fairly often, reverting to the tasks our ancestors would have done to keep their families alive in times of need. This means many of us are likely to be bitten by a black widow and other spiders. If this happens and we don't have access to medical care, what will happen?

For the answer to that question, check out the video on the next page.

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  1. Max Campbell said:

    Lol no. Almost nobody dies from it. I don’t know where you got that but it’s not even close to accurate.

  2. Jordan Bavis said:

    Eat the spider to show my dominance of it and it’s kind. In turn the spiders make me their king and fashion for me my own 4 extra spider legs from their strong supple spider silks and chitin. I am then hunted as a monster, with 4 useless but gross looking spider web legs

  3. Chad Jones said:

    When I got bit I waited around until my kidneys started cramping up then decided to get medical help would not recommend that.

  4. Steve Rogers said:

    I got bit, had muscle cramps from my neck to my waist, everything would cramp up at the same time, hurt like hell, did this for three days about every thirty mins.

  5. Patrick Price said:

    Dammit Travis! I do have a great story to tell about my spidy senses.. remind me Friday to tell you. JP was there..

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