[VIDEO] Natural First Aid in a Survival Situation

natural first aid

Like it or not, in a SHTF moment or longer -term survival situation, much of the medical advances we have made over the last 150 years will become luxuries.

If our infrastructure has broken down, our traditional and expected medical systems will become overwhelmed and if we are facing a long-term situation, will break down to the point of doing little more than basic first aid.

That means we will have to rely on more traditional, natural remedies to address common and uncommon illnesses.

For example, did you know Aloe is very good for your immune system, meaning if you have some sort of disease that compromises your immune system and are in a longer-term survival situation, Aloe tea should be part of your First Aid Arsenal.

For information on other natural remedies and substances, you can use to ensure optimum first aid if traditional health methods are not available, watch the video on the next page.


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