[VIDEO] Medicinal Survival Teas To Treat Common Outdoor Ailments


We're going to recommend that you have a water filtration/purifier on hand to ensure the water you're consuming is safe. In a previous post we spoke very highly of this Sawyer product. It has amazing reviews too. If you're looking for something small and compact to have on hand when you're out in the wild, grab one of these up.

When preparing for a survivalist situation, it's crucial to know your options and to be resourceful. Being able to identify safe plants, fruits and/or berries is already a very important step. But knowing how each can help your body, cure an ailment or provide relief of some sort can mean everything to you during a time of need.

Knowledge is power. Know your options and stay informed!

Have You Made Medicinal Tea In The Wild?

Have you ever made medicinal teas or used wildlife to help treat a condition while you were away from home or emergency assistance? If you have any information you'd like to share or pass on to us and our readers, we would love to hear from you. Share your story, tell us what you did, and how it effected you. The comments section below is open to the public, so feel free to share! You can also include a photo or video link, too.