(Video) Man Shows Us the Lost Art of Self-Reliance and in the Process Reminds Us How Important it is to Invest in Lost Skills

metal working

There are a lot of skills that we in today's world take for granted due to others mastering them for us and automation.

Not many of us, for example, actually know how to wire our house or do the plumbing or even do much repair work beyond the very simple and straight forward.

The same applies to skills like metal working and creating your own tools and components for larger machines.

What would you do if you had to create your own tools or materials in order to make a component of a machine or larger tool or piece of equipment?

Most of us would be in a jam unless we knew someone who could help us.

The video on the next page covers some basics of metal working that are worth watching if only to get an idea of what goes into those metal components on the equipment you rely on.

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  1. Seth Howell said:

    It’s good to See blacksmiths still. I started one day after i dug into a vein of blue clay n thought ” how hard can this be? ” Found a few pieces of railroad spike n went to town. Turns out its as easy as a grown fellow playing with almost molten playdoh.