[VIDEO] Make a Tiled Roof Hut in the Bush That’s Perfect for Your Survival

tiled roof hut

If you find yourself in a situation the guy in today's video is emulating, you indeed have run into a pretty significant survival situation.

That type of situation will require you to build a more longer-term type of shelter – one that can do more than protect you from the elements but actually becomes a living space.

To be sure, this guy's primitive survival skills are exemplary – and far beyond what most of us possess, but the basic principles of how he constructs this Tiled Roof Shelter apply whether you are making your forge from clay or creating an axe from a rock and tree limb.

It also shows how to make the foundation of your shelter and how to construct a sturdy, durable shelter for use in just about any weather.

To see this amazing craftsman at work, check out the video on the next page.

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  1. Corey Oldfield said:

    This guy has a great YouTube channel called Primitive Technology. There are quite a few videos that cover the creation of shelters and tools, among other things.