(Video) Learn These Foundational Skills and be Prepared How to Respond to an Injury in a Wilderness Environment

checking Man for Injury

Watch as an injured man is taken care of by someone who appears to know exactly what she is doing. This responder is asking all of the right questions to make sure the poor man is not moved too soon, causing further injury, and treated as his condition dictates!

While we may think the responder was asking too many questions and might have been over analyzing the patient, we have to remember this is a training video. What is more, you can never be too careful when you see a man or woman fall from a tree.

Admittedly, the fall did not look too high but we think they want us to use our imagination. The trainers really did not want to have their pretend accident victim fall from thirty feet in the air. LOL!

In the end, make sure you know some basic medical skills and, when hiking in the outdoor, be careful. You do not want to end up with a broken ankle in the middle of nowhere!