(Video) It’s Truly Unbelievable What Rubbing a Windshield With Steel Wool Can Do. I Still Can’t Believe It!

steel wool


We put a lot of time and energy, not to mention money, into our cars. So, it’s natural to want to clean them to the best of our abilities, being certain not to damage them in any way.

When it comes time to cleaning the windshield we will buff away, trying our best to get the bugs, bird poop, and grease off the glass. After a while, we will eventually show progress but we’ve come to find there is an easier way.

Steel wool. No, really.

While it is abrasive you can get a finer steel wool that will actually go to town getting dirt and grease off your windshield and making it sparkle! This is a secret from car dealerships. They don’t have time with all the cars they need to display and sell so steel wool is their go-to cleaner!

Now, before you run outside with a Brillo pad be sure to watch the video on the next page. There are some things you need to watch out for. Yet, for our money, this is an awesome hack.

If it works for car windows what other unexpected things can we shine up and clean with steel wool? Find out by watching the video after the break!

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  1. Chad Lyle said:

    I used sand paper 400 grit worked awesome cant see all the idiots around me now.

  2. Doug Las said:

    Works great! Can’t even see the cars in front of me now 🙁

  3. Ryan Donovan said:

    I use it in my headlights to get them super clear seeing as how the protective layer is already gone.

  4. Kenny Perry said:

    Did this on a 2001 dodge truck about four years back and it worked great .

  5. Dennis Talle said:

    Use the mass between your ears, this is a terrible idea for your windshield….

  6. Chris Lessing said:

    I actually used the 0000 and it worked wonders on my windshield. Then I put on a coat of rain x. Nothing sticks to my windshield now.

  7. Dennis Talle said:

    Just speaking (writing) from experience; any abrasive material, i,e…0000 steel wool, rubbing compounds will alter the clarity or gloss finish of OEM processed glass. However, I will try 0000 SW on my mother-in-laws car and let you know how it works. RainX is a great sealer suggestion.