(Video) Items We Didn’t Know What Their Real Uses Were For (Until Now)!

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Many of us have a hard time thinking back before we were born, knowing that certain items that we see day to day often had a purpose, years ago, other than what we have been using them for.

We see odd things on some articles; holes that really have no business being there loops on shirts that, we think, are merely part of the design, and even an extra pocket on our blue jeans! Why is that there? To catch loose change?

As it turns out there are perfectly reasonable explanations for all of the odd things we see on our favorite items! And they really are not mysterious at all!

After the break, go over to the next page and watch a clever video, a well-researched visual record that demonstrations to us exactly what those uses were!

Some of those uses may be obsolete but it is nice to see, after all this time, we still have a nice record of what was considered normal seventy-five to one hundred and fifty years ago!

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