(Video) Is This Fire Starter Truly the Best? One Survivalist Shares His Thoughts by Putting it to the Test:

Bear Grills Striker

Bear Grylls is an ultimate survivalist. He’s climbed Everest, circumnavigated the British Isles, and journeyed the Antarctica, amongst other wilderness adventures! So when he comes out with a line of survival gear we take notice.

So does Ultimate Survival Tips whose host decided to take a good look at the Bear Grylls Ultimate Fire Starter. Is this the best fire starter for ultimate survival?

On the next page watch as our host shows us a heck of a fire starter. He'll also talk about it as well as run the fire starter wild, seeing if it is all it claims.

You might be surprised by how efficient and waterproof it is. Certainly, there are a few problems – because there always is – but there are many fine surprises too!

Go watch and the video and see what you think!

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  1. Tony Barone said:

    No doubt a descent tool. A little too fancy for my taste. All you really need is a good Mag stick, a good supply of starter material and the back of your knife. I don’t see myself caring all that much about the lanyard and whatnot. I would rather have five $2 fire starters than this.

  2. Dustin Minier said:

    It starts paper pretty dam good tested it out to see how well it sparks set a price on fire by accident

  3. Joe Fox said:

    I have one as back up. I have the voids in the tool stuffed with cotton balls to catch the sparks. It works good.